Teakwood Furniture Online in Mumbai

“Let’s order cutlery cabinet online!” from RusTeak, they sell teakwood furniture online in Mumbai, “and I’ve seena great design sample on their website”.

“Furniture online is a myth, how do we buy without the touch & feel?”, said my dad. Try to reason with someone who has had the regular carpenter ‘mistry’ taking measurement, getting wood and creating pieces as per size to suit your space. The finishing gets matched to the rest of the room.

It’s a question that troubles all consumers as they start shortlisting for their homes. RusTeak is reaching out and making buying online simple, wide variety of bespoke teakwood furniture online in Mumbai.

Its ecommerce website has a simple and user friendly interface that allows users to scan through designs and shortlist. Added to that making RusTeak stand out is the bespoke – made to order feature. Smartly they have added the option of ‘upload your design’ in the sizes you would like it and there it is – RusTeak can create your design for you!

Further enriching  the customer experience, they offer ‘a tour to their workshop cum showroom in the heart of Mumbai’. So if youre in Mumbai or in MMR region  or have travelled here – you are welcome to the RusTeak experience. The look and feel of the making, sound of cutting and shaping, the smell of polishing and PU will add to your senses.

Convincing Dad was not easy but finally he saw the various designs and furniture options available online in teakwood, that too based out of Mumbai. He was convinced and since double vaccination was done for us all – he was ready for the RusTeak experience too!!

Published by RusTeak - Online Furniture Stores

RusTeak- A boutique Brand- inspired by Art & Beautiful Grains of Teak! We are 2 Year young now & into Product Design, Ergonomics, Engineering, Creation & Finish of Arty Teakwood products - Furniture to Sculpture. Situated at Andheri, in the heart of Mumbai - The studio-cum workshop allows Customers to get a live experience of the Product journey of Teakwood. The Studio is also an incubator for Product testing & experimenting. With our emphasis on quality, we partner with the Best Global Brands.

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